Monday, August 13, 2012

From Italy with love

I could not leave Italy without a little shopping ofcourse.
I did not see a lot that I really wanted but i'm very happy with the purchases I made.

1/2: When I heard we went to Italy I told my boyfriend immideatley that I wanted to go to
       the kiko very badly. He told me that we probably wouldn't find it because the city was so
       big but in the end we found it anyway! I got three nailpolishes (numbers: 255, 360 and
       275) and a lipstick (number: 68)
3.   A new bikini with a snakeskin top and gold shimery bottoms (very pretty)
4.   When we were in Verona we went to visit Guilietta's statue and balcony. There you had a
      fence with all kind of locks on it they had names of lovers on them I tought they were so
      pretty that I decided to buy one in the giftshop as a little souvenir